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Vertical carousels, vertical lifts, horizontal carousels, mezzanines, high density shelving for industrial, distribution, parts and military applications.

When it come to vertical storage including vertical carousels, vertical lifts and mezzanines, American Specialty can help you fully utilize the “cube” in your facility.  Additionally, American Specialty can help increase the efficiency of your space utilization with high density mobile shelving.

In addition to fully utilizing the “cube” in your facility, our vertical carousels, vertical lifts, horizontal carousels and other storage solutions can be a great way to track inventory, restrict access to sensitive or valuable items and provide a new, higher level of accountability.

So, if you are contemplating how to get more in your current facility, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about vertical carousels, vertical lifts, horizontal carousels, mezzanines, and high density shelving.

Most of our products are available on GSA schedule for federal government applications.

American Specialty provides vertical carousels from Diamond Phoenix, vertical lift modules from Modula, horizontal carousels from Diamond Phoenix, the “Cube” horizontal automated storage system for Modula, mezzanines from Cogan Mezzanines and American Mezzanines, catwalk and shelving form Borroughs, and high density mobile storage from Direct Line, Richards Wilcox and Borroughs.

American Specialty has been providing storage solutions to our customers since 1991. We specialize in vertical carousels, vertical lifts, horizontal carousels, mezzanines, high density shelving and more.
Our solutions are designed to save space, save money and provide the level of security and accountability you require.

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