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Modula® Vertical Lift Module

The Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems that Handles Your Inventory with Easy

The MODULA® Vertical Lift Module is an automated storage system that uses an extractor to retrieve trays of goods and delver them to an operator at the opening.  The unit’s modular design is flexible and can be configured for various ceiling heights.  The vertical storage system helps your gain back valuable floor space for other uses, while saving on overhead costs.  Available with internal or external delivery bays and with dual tray delivery. We took the benefits of vertical carousel technology and powered them up to the next level!

American Specialty has been providing storage solutions to our customers since 1991. We specialize in vertical carousels, vertical lifts, horizontal carousels, mezzanines, high density shelving and more.
Our solutions are designed to save space, save money and provide the level of security and accountability you require.

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